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Reasons To Consider A Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is an incredibly important fixture if you want to ensure optimal indoor temperatures. Choosing the right thermostat guarantees efficiency, and will therefore help you conserve energy.   Thermostat technology has continuously evolved over the last few decades; there are many new improvements that have been made in recent times to make them more […]

Common Heating Mistakes Homeowners Make

There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm and toasty home during winter. There’s something really special about winter nights, provided, your heating unit is working well. Common heating system mistakes can lead to your home being warmer or colder than your liking, while also leading to increased energy costs.   Here are some […]

4 Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Repaired

Your home’s heating unit keeps it warm and cozy during the winter months. However, functionality is always unpredictable; even the best heating systems fail at some point.   And there’s no worse time for it to fail like peak winter. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American household spends approximately $930 per […]

How To Prevent Your AC From Ductwork Damage: A Guide

Living in a hot and humid climate makes it crucial to have an air conditioner that works effectively and efficiently. So, if you have an HVAC unit in your home, you need to maintain its ductwork.    Ductwork enables the distribution of cool air. AC installation services usually connect airducts in spaces that are out […]

Beat The Heat With These Dorm Room Cooling Tips

Switching from one bedside to another while you’re drenched in sweat is no fun at all. But thanks to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions predicts a significant rise in the coldest and warmest daily temperatures.   As a result, the annual number of days that have a heat index […]

What Makes My Air Conditioner Dirty And Clogged Up?

Most homes have their HVAC systems hidden out of sight and, therefore, get neglected when it comes to cleaning. As a homeowner, you need to know how important it is to have a clean air conditioner. Many harmful substances can be lurking around in the system that contribute to health problems, particularly respiratory issues.   […]