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5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

Instead of suffering in the scorching heat of Florida, make sure you’re consistent with the maintenance and repair services of your air conditioner. The sudden breakdown of an HVAC unit can turn into a nightmare for homeowners. Your last resort would be opening all the windows or buying a new unit, which of course will […]

Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems Business Owners Face

Air conditioning is an important part of your commercial premises. It makes the area comfortable during warm summers. However, when something goes wrong in the commercial HVAC system, it’s inconvenient, leads to lower productivity, and can drive customers away too. To prevent air conditioner issues from arising, it’s essential for business owners to be aware […]

Top Things To Know About Air Conditioner Filters

The filters in your air conditioner perform the important job of making sure that the dust and debris don’t enter the sensitive areas of the unit. These filters get clogged up with dirt and debris and require replacement. The replacement of these filters is a crucial part of the maintenance of your unit. Here’s everything […]

How To Ensure Your AC Unit Lasts Longer

Air conditioning units are expected to last a long time, but sometimes, they break down before we expect them. And while the manufacturing warranty can get you free/discounted AC repair services; it is still inconvenient to have your AC malfunction when you least expect it.   To help AC users everywhere, we’ve consolidated a list […]

Repair or Replace: Here’s What Your AC Unit’s Condition is Telling You

If you’ve got an aging air conditioner, you’re probably considering replacing it rather than repairing it. However, an AC repair expert might be able to salvage your old air conditioner to restore its performance without you needing to invest in a new one. They can also help you gauge the extent of damage and tell […]

What You Should Consider When Getting An HVAC System

Buying a new HVAC system is an excellent opportunity for upgrading from an older, less efficient air conditioning unit. If you’re thinking of getting repairs, contact an HVAC installation service to determine whether a repair or a newer, more efficient replacement is the better choice.   The next time you’re shopping for a new HVAC […]

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC

Handling an HVAC unit is a tough task, and once it’s installed, there are specific guidelines that must be followed to keep the AC functional and efficient. Following these guidelines effectively can help prevent unnecessary problems with your AC and ensures that it delivers the best performance.   Avoid doing these five things to your […]

How Can Indoor Humidity Damage Your Health?

As the temperature around Florida becomes warmer, indoor humidity levels rise. While you may enjoy the onset of summer, lack of proper ventilation, and cooling at your home can harm your body.   You can generally start to feel the discomfort that tags along with increasing indoor humidity. However, if you choose to ignore the […]

3 Common HVAC Problems During Summers (And How to Deal with Them)

It’s getting warmer in Florida and nearby states. If you’ve checked off air conditioner maintenance from your spring to-do list, you’re all set to take the heat!   However, if you couldn’t make time for it, don’t panic. Florida Breeze offers fast and efficient repairs for all your HVAC woes this summer. Here are some […]

Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick? 4 Ways to Find Out

If air conditioner maintenance is always on your to-do list, but you never really manage to make time for it, you may at a health risk. Dirty air filters, clogged condensation pipes, and pesticide infected cooling units can cause many diseases and lead to allergies.   If you’ve been feeling sick and tired lately and […]