Common Heating System Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Heating systems are crucial to keep the house warm during winters; however, the same can turn into life-threatening hazards due to many unsafe practices. Ranging from house fires to carbon monoxide poisoning, heating systems can cause many problems that may go unnoticed. If inspection or repair service is prolonged, the consequences of poor heating systems are detrimental to the residents of a building or house.


According to National Fire Protection Association, 16 percent of home fires are caused due to faults in heating systems which precautionary measures can prevent. To ensure that your house is safe from the heating system’s hazards, take a look at this list of things to avoid while using your heating systems.



One of the foremost causes of home fires caused by faulty heating systems is negligence on the part of the homeowners. This is because homeowners delay inspection and maintenance visits, considering their systems work efficiently and require no inspection. In order to keep your family and the home safe, you need to schedule regular maintenance visits from professionals so that the problems can be caught and fixed early.


Poor Placement

Heating equipment such as heaters, chimneys, and furnaces are often placed in the living room to provide maximum heating efficiency to the house. While doing so, homeowners overlook the ‘3 feet rule’ of heating equipment placement. This means that one has to ensure that the fireplace is at least three feet away from potentially flammable materials such as clothes, upholstered furniture, boxes, etc.

Similarly, the three feet area around the fireplace should also be a kids-free zone, and adults supervision is required to ensure children are always at a distance from the heating systems.


Poor Installation

Heating equipment has been the cause of 56,000 home fires from 2009 to 2013. While it may be because of old and unmaintained heating equipment, it’s also often the fault of poorly installed heating systems. This is why hiring only professional heating services to install equipment ensures your family’s safety and avoids monetary losses.


Clogged Air Filters

The whole HVAC system works efficiently with proper ventilation provided by air filters. Lack of ventilation can cause many problems, such as inhaling toxic fumes or fire in certain conditions. Therefore, frequently changing the air filters of the heating and cooling systems is essential for safety and wellbeing.


Ensure Safety, Hire Professionals

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