How to Prepare Your Home for the Summers?

Just like it’s important to winterize your homes to achieve the best comfort, preparing ahead for summer is also a crucial task. You need to take care of a few house components before the hot scorching sun is just above your head, and your house is the only place that can provide you comfort against the hot weather.

In most places in the U.S., summer preps are recommended during the spring season as it’s the time when professional AC repair services and technicians are available to carry out routine inspections and repairs. So before you celebrate Memorial Day, get your house prepped up for the upcoming summer.


Change the HVAC Filters

As of 2020 summer, EIA reported record-breaking high energy consumption by residential homeowners with a whopping 457 billion kWh sales between June and August. This is partly because of clogged and worn-out air filters of the HVAC, causing the system to work harder and consume more energy. To ensure that your cooling is efficient, change your HVAC filter before summer if it’s been more than a few months to the last change.


Wash the HVAC Filters

If you’ve changed the HVAC filters during the last 30 days of use, you can opt to wash the filters yourself ahead of summer. Take the filter out and wash it with mild detergent and lukewarm water to increase the efficiency of your HVAC systems.


Schedule AC Maintenance

Air conditioners are the most efficient component to provide comfort in the house during summers. As of now, 75 percent of American households have at least one air conditioning unit. If you’re also planning to rely on your AC to keep you cool during the hot weather, schedule a maintenance visit ahead of time. This will allow you to find the issues, if there are any, and take preemptive measures.


Spend on Repairs

Spring is the best time to invest in AC repair services and fixes. By planning, you’ll not only be saving costs that are higher during the season but also get plenty of time to check whether the repair services helped or not. Another thing you need to check and fix is window cracks, ensuring the house is adequately insulated and the cool air doesn’t flow out.


Install Programmable Thermostat

One major issue most homeowners face is the need to adjust the thermostat frequently for better cooling and energy efficiency. This year, invest in a programmable or digital thermostat to achieve optimum heating and cooling without manual adjustments. A programmable thermostat will automatically select the right cooling levels based on the data input.


Hire Professionals for a Better Summer

If you’re in Florida, you must be aware of the extreme summer temperatures that go up to 95 degrees. To help you achieve comfort in this hot weather, we at Florida Breeze offer a range of AC repair and installation services. Reach out to us today for air conditioning services in Cape Canaveral, Palm Bay and Titusville.

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