5 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC

Handling an HVAC unit is a tough task, and once it’s installed, there are specific guidelines that must be followed to keep the AC functional and efficient. Following these guidelines effectively can help prevent unnecessary problems with your AC and ensures that it delivers the best performance.


Avoid doing these five things to your AC and see the difference it makes to your unit’s efficiency and lifespan!


1.Never Get Professional Maintenance

The worst thing you can do to your AC after having it installed is to forget about maintenance. You must hire a professional AC service provider to come and inspect your AC unit regularly.


Without any visible noise or damage, you may believe your AC is fine, but skipping on preventative maintenance is a surefire way of reducing your AC’s lifespan and efficiency.


2.Block The Air Passage

The air passage doesn’t have to be blocked significantly―even a cloth or towel is enough to strain the motor. Avoid laying anything on top of your AC unit, so the air passage remains clear, and the air loop isn’t disturbed.


3.Ignore Warning Signs

If your AC unit starts making sounds or the cooling suddenly drops significantly, it’s time to call in a professional AC repair technician. Don’t ignore these signs as they may highlight a small issue that can turn into a big problem if it is ignored.


4.Running It All The Time

Like every other appliance, air conditioners also need time off. Running them 24/7 puts excessive strain on the motor and vents, which can hugely impact their efficiency.


Turn the AC off when you leave the house to give the machine some rest, and if you have pets that need to be in a cool environment, turn up the thermostat, so the motor doesn’t have to work as hard. It will help you save electricity and elongate your AC’s lifespan.


5.Set Extreme Thermostat Temperature

Setting your thermostat to a low temperature doesn’t mean you will achieve that temperature in your room. It puts excessive strain on the machinery, which can affect its efficiency.


Turning the thermostat down will not cool down your house faster; it will only make the AC unit work harder, which will adversely affect its longevity.


If you follow these guidelines and still face trouble with your air conditioner often, call in a professional AC repair service like Florida Breeze to have it inspected. Their emergency repair services will keep you cool and satisfied throughout the summer.

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