6 Common Problems with HVAC Units and How to Keep Them Working

While some HVAC system problems are considered a simple matter of replacement, many issues require expert services. It’s wise to get your HVAC units checked monthly by technicians to prevent potential damages.


1. Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are one of the most common problem that an HVAC system can face. Replacing the dirty filters in your HVAC system can extend its life and increase the efficiency of a furnace. Moreover, dirty filters restrict the airflow and put unnecessary strain on the furnace, causing overheating issues.


2. Ignition Problems

A flame sensor, a dirty pilot, or a burner can cause ignition problems. They can also cause major issues like a pilot outage, furnace lockout, and short cycling. These issues can be due to the wear and tear of the ignition equipment, needing replacement immediately.


It’s best that you hire a professional technician to take care of it for you.


3. Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostats can easily malfunction. Always refer to the user’s manual before setting it to prevent unnecessary damage. If you’ve got a programmable thermostat and it’s not operating properly, try replacing its battery. If the problem persists, you most probably need an expert technician.


4. Furnace Noises

Furnace noises are a part of its operation. But if you hear unusual noises like a squeaking motor, this can indicate that the blower motor is failing. To avoid a furnace failure, you need to replace the motor. It’s essential that you recognize its importance as a little negligence can lead to a furnace failure.


5. Dirty Evaporation Coil or Condenser

The coils can become clogged due to dirt and debris. A dirty evaporating coil can reduce the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioning system.


After shutting off the power, you can hose off the coil.


Water Leaks

Condensate is produced by both furnaces and air conditioners. You can unclog the pipes by periodically pouring bleach down the drain. If there’s still a leak, call a technician right away to determine the root cause.


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