Precision Tune-up: What You Need to Know before Hiring an AC Maintenance Service


With extreme summers about to hit the US—Florida especially—AC maintenance is on most people’s mind. Tune-ups and maintenance are vital to keeping the energy consumption of AC systems low and have them working perfectly throughout the summers.

What Does Precision Tune-up Mean?

While AC tune-up services vary from company to company, their fundamental function remains the same. Basic services include a surface and filter inspection, along with cleaning the condenser coils and compressor. Companies may also offer repair and energy conservation kits to increase the efficiency of the unit while keeping cooling levels optimal.

But before placing a call to a local HVAC repair and maintenance company, you should know a couple of things.


If you don’t know anything about your AC unit’s inner workings, model, and the extent of the issue, you might end up paying for second rate services or overpaying for a menial task.

With proper research, you’ll able to ask the technician the right questions while possessing knowledge that will serve you well in the future.


Repair companies need to have proper certification and business licenses to operate. Ask the contractor for a license number and ensure that workers and staff are compliant with safety regulations.

Work Records & Experience

Check for the previous work record of both the technicians and the company. The skill and technical knowledge of each technician is different, so make sure to hire technicians who have worked on a unit like yours in the past.

A company needs to be experienced to handle any specific requirements your system might have. If you have advanced purifier filters or a limited model of the AC unit, seek a service that has up-to-date knowledge and can handle the tune-up without any accidents.

Proof of Insurance

To prevent yourself from getting into a legal dispute, check for proof of insurance and employee compensation coverage in case of any accidents on your property during the maintenance. In the absence of liability insurance, you will be held responsible for any damages and injuries sustained by the technician.

Cost Estimation

Avoid surprises by getting a cost estimation before hiring a service. Additional repairs and replacement of parts will result in extra costs, so make sure to not go over budget. Apart from the labor costs, talk to your contractor about taxes, insurance deductibles, warranties, and material costs.

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