A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Your AC Unit

Cleaning air conditioners isn’t a task that anyone’s looking forward to doing. Homeowners usually try to delay this as much as possible because it’s a long process that requires them to get down and dirty. What they don’t realize is that by cleaning air conditioner units, they’re not only improving its performance, but also increasing its life span. 


Your air conditioner unit can result in a lot of issues if it’s not maintained in a timely manner. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on cleaning your air conditioner unit in three ways:


1) Removal of debris 

There’s often a lot of debris accumulated on the AC’S outdoor unit. Using a screwdriver, you need to open the fan cage and clean the fan grill, removing all the dirt or mud stuck to it. You can do this by either a dry cloth or by vacuuming or washing it off. 


Clean the fins carefully after that, making sure you’re not applying too much pressure. You can either use a cleaning spray that can remove the dirt from the fins or a soft brush.


2) Cleaning the coil 

Inside the blower unit, you’ll find the evaporator coil door. Getting inside is the tricky part because you might have to remove some screws, tape, and bolts; once your inside, brush the dirt off the coils softly. 


You then have to spray the coils with coil cleaning spray, which can be found at any home hardware store. The spray will remove the dirt even further. Then move onto cleaning the dirt pan. Once you have wiped the dirt pan, you’re all set; re-seal and move on. 


3) Cleaning or changing the blower filter 

The blower filter needs to be changed at least two times a year. As the seasons alter and your usage increases, you need to make sure your filter is doing justice to your unit.


If you reside in a very dusty area with strong winds, you might have to change your filter more often than others. 


To locate the filter, look into the air conditioner unit door where the fresh air return duct is located. Open this, remove the old filter, put the new one in, and your good to go! 


Instead of DIY-ing AC repair services that can result in more harm than good, we recommend leaving AC system service to a professional.


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