A Healthy Start To The New Year With Your HVAC

’Tis the time for all those New Year’s resolutions! Don’t leave your HVAC out of your resolutions. Go the extra mile on your journey to well being by making your home healthy.

There are many ways to make the air in your home healthier. Get your HVAC system working efficiently and effectively this New Year.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

HVAC Cleaning And Mold Inspection


HVAC systems use water in the unit for cooling purposes. Water is part of the condensing process. The air-conditioning in your HVAC is fitted with a drip tray to direct water to the evaporator coil. Whenever there’s moisture present in an area, there’s a high chance of mold to form.

Mold is a dangerous bacterium that can cause many illnesses. Those who suffer allergies will find their condition worsening. Respiratory infections, eye infections, and skin rashes are very common in houses with mold.

Getting the HVAC systems of your home professionally cleaned and inspected for mold will ensure a healthy environment for your family.

Schedule An Air Duct Cleaning Appointment

The air ducts in your home are responsible for blowing out air from your air conditioner or heater into your home. Dirty air ducts result in contaminants being released into the air of your home, reducing the quality of air.

Air filters placed on air vents are good at keeping larger particles out, but they don’t filter out everything. Some dust and allergens make their way into the duct systems.

Air ducts contaminated with dust won’t work as efficiently. Your HVAC system will require more energy to run effectively if left dirty. Duct cleaning can help your HVAC run at optimal levels and keep energy costs to a minimum.

Humidity control is crucial

Finding the perfect humidity level that works for your home can be a difficult task. High humidity levels can leave you feeling clammy, while low levels can cause breathing difficulties. The solution to this problem depends on your needs.

Humidifiers are machines that increase humidity levels in rooms. They are perfect for cold and dry cities. Humidifiers have been known to relieve allergies and sore throats too. People that have these devices in their house sleep better too. Recently, Jennifer Hudson revealed that the secret to her great skin and vocals in winter was her humidifier.

Dehumidifiers are great for reducing humidity in a home. Those with allergies and respiratory problems in cities with this weather are recommended to get this device.

If you are looking for regular air duct cleaning or heating and air conditioning maintenance, visit Florida Breeze. We also offer heating repair in Palm Bay. Contact us at (321) 951-8767 for an appointment.

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