Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Fixes

Has your air conditioner refused to start even after you’ve pressed all the buttons that you could? We feel your pain; being stuck with an air conditioning unit that doesn’t work can be an agonizing experience. It can be even frustrating when you just can’t figure what went wrong!

To make sure you don’t have to deal with the same situation again, we’ve compiled a list of common air conditioning problems to keep an eye out for. Being just a little proactive could save your AC unit from a potential breakdown:

Dirty AC Filter

A dusty filter is often the reasons behind deteriorating airflow. You must clean it according to the manufacturer’s suggestions which depend on how often you use it. If you use your AC on a daily basis, then a monthly cleaning of the filter is a good place to start.

Follow the manual instructions on how to locate the AC filter, pull it out, clean it and place it back. If the filter is not reusable, then replace it every three months or according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

An unclean, dirty AC filter reduces air quality and flow and can cause the AC unit to freeze and stop working.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are the most common problems in air conditioning units. Modern air conditioning units contain R-134-a, a refrigerant that doesn’t lead to ozone depletion and is free of chlorine—it’s still prone to leaks once in a while.

The manufacturer of the AC unit mentions the specific charge of the refrigerant that is needed for the unit. Since refrigerants need to be addressed using pressurized containers to recharge your air conditioning compressor, don’t attempt to do this on your own.

Electrical Failure

If you notice that your air conditioning unit is turning off and on frequently, there might be a problem with the wiring. To be more specific, the wiring between the compressor and the fan unit may have worn out, causing it to short.

Call a technician to check the reading of your AC unit and fix the electrical wiring and overlays accordingly.

Thermostat Malfunctions

An issue with the thermostat will result in warm air from the AC unit. If your thermostat is acting up and causing intermittent temperature fluctuations, then it’s time to get it checked by a technician.

A malfunctioning thermostat is a nightmare for the whole family as it affects the heating, ventilation and cooling system of the house.

Water Leaks

If you notice water leaking from your air conditioning unit, have it checked by an expert.

Especially in high humidity, AC units are likely to not drain properly as they get clogged. If you notice, mildew, water or mold surrounding the AC unit, call a technician for maintenance.

Lack of Maintenance

If your AC unit was installed six months ago and has not been maintained ever since, then it’s likely to not work properly.

There are multiple components in air conditioning systems like the filters, compressor, piping and electrical circuits that require cleaning and maintenance. Failure to inspect them for long would inevitably lead to problems.

One Stop Solution

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