Common Air Conditioning Problems that Homeowners Face

Just like any other electronic appliance, an air conditioner requires regular maintenance and repair services. It’s the only way an AC can operate with maximum efficiency.


If you fail to clean your air conditioner for a long time, it’ll be suspectible to damage and sudden breakdown. Not only will it fail to offer sufficient cooling, but it’ll also increase energy costs.

Here’s a list of air conditioning problems that can be easily fixed with AC repair services.


Air Leaks

Air leaks fail to maintain a moderate temperature inside the room. If your room feels warmer than usual, inspect all the windows and doors of the house for any holes from where the air can escape.


If you see any fault in the windows, use caulk to reseal the windows. However, if you’re unable to detect any problems inside the room, then reach out to an HVAC technician that can detect the problem and offer the required air conditioning service.


Clogged Air Filters

Irrespective of the price and quality of the air conditioner installed in your home, air filters are always susceptible to clogging. Regular AC maintenance and repair services can prevent this from happening.

It’s important to clean the air filter regularly to ensure the efficiency of the cooling system. You can either change the air filter yourself or call a technician to do it for you.


Excessive Noise & Vibration

Although air conditioners usually make a noise, it’s not extremely loud. The noise typically comes from the rotating fan and compressor.


However, if you hear an odd sound coming from the air conditioner itself, then that’s a problem. This usually occurs due to improper AC installation. A part of the air conditioner could also be loose.


Hence, hiring an expert technician for the installation of an HVAC unit is crucial for proper operation.


Restricted Air Flow

Forced-air cooling systems need constant airflow. Dust particles and debris build-up can impact the performance of the cooling system.


At times, homeowners tend to cover the outdoor unit of the AC with a plant to boost curb appeal, but this restricts the airflow. Make sure nothing is surrounding the outdoor unit for up to 3 feet.


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