Do You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioner?

Did you know dust and pollution builds up in your AC and affects its operational system? Well, it’s crucial for business and homeowners to keep their AC systems clean for efficient cooling.


However, an air conditioner’s coils, fins, and filters require frequent maintenance to function efficiently and effectively. When you neglect the necessary maintenance, your air conditioner stops performing as well as it should be.


The following are some significant reasons to clean your air conditioner;


1.Improves Air Conditioning Efficiency

Dust and debris build up into your air conditioner unit, which increases the stress on the machine. When you get your air conditioner cleaned, you eliminate that stress and allow it to deliver efficient performance.

Normally, when air filters are clogged, normal airflow is impeded and makes your unit work harder than usual. Additionally, this issue can harm its coil and reduce its ability and efficiency to cool a room. 


2.Reduces Electricity Bill

A cooling system comprises a large portion of your monthly electricity consumption. A dirty and dusty air conditioner is more likely to consume more power. This is because when a unit is forced to work harder, it directly increases how much power it takes to run.


An air conditioner usually requires almost 6 percent of the electricity to operate efficiently. The best option to reduce electricity bills is to get your AC unit cleaned by experts frequently, especially if you’re too busy to maintain your AC yourself.


3.Save Yourself from Future Expenses

An unclean and clogged air conditioner can lead to failure. Remember, air conditioners are prone to overheating and developing ice which means dust will effectively disable its heat dissipation mechanisms. This will lead to severe damages and expensive repairs. You can avoid the damages and expenses by getting your AC cleaned regularly.  


4.Increase Better Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining indoor air quality requires clean air conditioners. An air conditioner does more than just cooling your surroundings; it helps provide clean air to your home or workplace. Its air circulating process keeps your surroundings clean and healthy. In comparison, if you have a dirty unit, you will end up with fungi, germs, and bacteria inside the room.


In fact, when you turn on the AC, these germs are blown out into the room and contaminate the air. This harmful air can expose you to various health problems like asthma attacks or respiratory infections. According to the EPA, this kind of air quality is five times more polluted than outdoor air.


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