Florida’s Deadly Heat: Can I Survive Without AC?

The subtropical environment of Florida sees a rise in sea levels and temperature every summer. The hot weather and extremely humid conditions pose a serious threat to humans and animals alike.

These dire circumstances make the otherwise picturesque state a literal hell during the peak summer months of June and July. Dehydration, exhaustion, and strokes due to heat waves have taken countless lives, including 800 children since 1998.

In Florida, air conditioning is synonymous with oxygen; Floridians can’t survive without it. Here’s everything that can go wrong for Florida residents in the absence of air conditioning.

Mental Health

Exposure to heat for long periods of time can result in exhaustion, leading to serious cases of psychotic breaks and illnesses. While medical interventions can quickly reverse the condition, farm workers and other unprotected laborers remain at high risk of developing long-term mental health problems in the heat.

Cardiovascular Health

Ischemic strokes and myocardial infarctions caused by heat waves can exacerbate existing heart conditions. Cardiac arrests that occur due to the increased pumping of blood in the body heighten the chances of organ failure, resulting in cardiac dysrhythmia and death.

Respiratory Problems

Dust and allergens, combined with humidity, pose a serious risk of respiratory problems. People who have asthma might experience suffocation and respiratory distress.

Behavioral Disorders

Substance use, schizophrenia, and other behavior related disorders can increase due to the thermoregulation dysfunction caused by extreme heat. Heat intolerance is higher in people on certain medications, so living without AC can increase the chances of morbidity and agitation.

Death Stats

Data collected by the Bureau of Labor statistics showed that six outdoor workers died in 2017 alone, with many others being unreported or wrongly attributed to cardiac arrests.

Florida is just behind Texas in all time car deaths due to extreme heat, with 35 children losing life to extreme heat in 2017 because they were left in the car.

Pets and especially dog owners risk losing their pets to heat distress. With little official data available on canine fatalities, residents are being more careful about leaving their dogs outside or in the car due to deaths reported in media.

Installing Air Conditioning

The effects of summer heat on human health have been widely studied by researchers and most data shows a negative impact. Living without an AC in such conditions is strictly advised against.

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