Indoor Air Quality and How It Affects Children at Home

We are all spending most of our days at home due to the restrictions of the pandemic. It’s essential to ponder over the air quality in our homes to mitigate any risk of coronavirus or any other diseases. Indoor pollution can go unnoticed and can cause multiple adverse effects on your health.

Read ahead to find out how indoor air quality can affect you and your family.

Sometimes, indoor air pollutants can be more harmful than the ones outside. As a damp environment or humidity supports the growth of any bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms it’s essential to maintain the levels of humidity to avoid that.


Common Indoor Air Quality Pollutants



Mold formation, insects and other allergens can be found due to poor cleaning around the house. During summers, our houses are completely packed to maintain a cool environment, while in winters, it’s important to keep the house heated. These organisms respirate in the same air and can lead to asthma problems and other allergies.


2.Chemical Pollutants


Smoking inside our house can release harmful chemicals that linger around the house and can be hazardous to the health of your family members. Children can become passive smokers as well and it can lead to several respiratory diseases for them.


3.Other Particles


Dust particles that build up in your house can lead to insect outbreaks and inhaling the dust can damage the lungs of young children. It can lead to severe headaches and skin rashes as well.




As coronavirus is contagious and can be transmitted through air particles, it is essential to keep your house safe to avoid catching the virus. With the rapid increase in the cases, it can be dangerous for your children to breathe in the same air if a family member tests positive for COVID-19 and is quarantining at home.


How to improve air quality?

HVAC systems are designed to regulate the temperature of your house and improve the indoor air quality of your home. It draws in air from the outside environment, conditions it and then brings it inside.


The cooling system consisting of the air conditioner has air filters that remove all the dirt, debris and microorganisms to keep you safe.


Improved ventilation and cleaning the HVAC system regularly eliminates any microbial buildup. In addition to that, hiring a professional heating and cooling repair service to get your bi-annual maintenance can help you eradicate the pollutants and extend the life of your HVAC system.


Image: air-conditioner

Alt-text: Air conditioner installed in a house in Melbourne.


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