Is It Time To Replace Your Furnace?

Do you find yourself questioning your choice of furnace every time there’s a glitch or repair? It can be quite a conundrum for homeowners to choose between repairs or a replacement. We’re here to assist you, giving you all the information you need to make the best decision for your HVAC system.

When’s it time for repairs?

You need to understand the problems in the furnace. Most problems only require a repair and not a replacement. Here are some furnace problems that can be repaired:

Airflow issues

The most common furnace problem that raises an alarm among homeowners is when it’s blowing tepid air. In some occasions, it’s probably just blowing out nothing at all. This problem can occur due to clogged filters or a problem in the fan or motor. Airflow issues affect the efficiency of your heater. If left unattended, your furnace will surely require major repairs and your utility bills will surely soar without providing adequate heating.

Fluctuation in heating bills

If you notice your heating bills to be higher than what you’ve planned for, there’s got to be an issue. Often, heaters tend to become inefficient if not maintained well.

Daily wear and tear can really affect the external and internal components of your HVAC system. Maintenance helps to catch the problem before it causes a major breakdown. Filters can be full of dirt and grime, leading to your heater working in overdrive to give optimal temperature control.

Noisy Furnace

It isn’t normal for your furnace to be letting our sounds like clanks, bangs, and squeaks. If you hear any such sounds from your furnace, you’re in for some repairs. Screeching noises are caused by a faulty belt in your furnace. It isn’t a safety hazard but can cost you in the long run.

A rattling noise indicates some loose parts within the system. An HVAC expert can locate the fault and tighten or cover the panels. If there aren’t any loose components it’s probably the expansion and contraction of the furnaces parts.

A bang or boom can happen when your furnace is experiencing delayed ignition. The gas builds up and ignites and a loud noise follows. This explosion can damage your furnace and should be left to an experienced technician to deal with.

Musty odor

Is your furnace giving off a musty odor or do you find yourself sneezing as soon as it comes on? Dust build-up in the filters causes dust to be blown into your home. Bacteria and allergens become airborne and cause respiratory problems. Your furnace also won’t work efficiently.

You won’t receive the heating you require. Get an expert to clean the filters to make sure all the substances are taken off.

When is a replacement needed?

Furnace replacements can burn a hole in your pocket especially if you weren’t prepared for it. Ideally, you should see such major repairs and maintenance coming. Here are the circumstances where our experts suggest a replacement:

Regular repairs

If you find yourself calling in a repair service every year or more often, you’re spending a lot of money. Getting a furnace replacement will save your money in the long run.

Costly repairs

Costly repairs are needed when a major component of your furnace breaks down. That’s not a good sign! Your furnace is either too old or of poor quality. A better quality furnace is what you need.

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