Preparing You Air Conditioning For Spring 2020

Miami is known for its warm weather. Every year, winter is over in what seems like a blink! Temperatures are already at 75°F and so the residents of the area are preparing their homes for spring. The air conditioning of your home should be your number one priority; after all, it’s been in hibernation for many weeks now.


Here are some ways to prepare your air conditioner for spring:


Inspect the outdoor unit

Get a protective covering on the outdoor unit and check it regularly to make sure it’s in good condition. A loose covering on the system is dangerous for your home and the unit. Call in a professional to deal with any damage on the protective covering.


Unblock condenser coil

When the coils in your air conditioner are blocked, it’s restricts the airflow. The refrigerant cannot cool effectively; this reduces the cooling in your air conditioner and can even damage it. For optimum results, make sure the coils are unblocked and the area around the outdoor unit is clear.


Replace air filters on the system


The air filters of your home prevent contaminants from entering the sensitive parts of your air-conditioning system. They also prevent particles from being released into the home. These filters trap dust, allergens, bacteria, and pet hair which clog them up. Clogged air filters lead to poor air quality and make your system inefficient. Our HVAC technician will be able to guide you correctly on how frequently the air filters need to be changed for your needs. The schedules depend on whether there’s a single inhabitant, a pet, or even multiple pets in the home.


Get the supply vents cleaned

Just like regularly changing the air filters on your air conditioner, the vents must be cleaned out too. Before every new season have this done to ensure allergens, dust, and bacteria aren’t being released in your home. The debris and dust are vacuumed from the supply vents and grills.


Inspect the evaporator drainage of your air conditioner

This evaporator collects the condensation that forms on the outside of the coil. This way, the humidity levels indoors are in check. Excessive moisture in the air provides a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to illness. The condensation drips into the tray for the evaporator drainage. If all components are working well, there should be a plastic pipe that drains the tray. Ensure this pipe isn’t clogged and in place for drainage purposes.


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