The Importance of Ventilation In Commercial Spaces

As an owner of a commercial business, you have many responsibilities. One of them is taking care of the well being of your employees. This includes installing, maintaining and if need be, repairing a proper ventilation system.

It may be hard to keep track of such seemingly menial tasks. However, it is crucial to address commercial ventilation systems; it could put your employees’ health and your company’s profits in jeopardy.

Many buildings are sealed up tightly which only exacerbates the impact of poor ventilation. Here are all the ways you gain from keeping your commercial space adequately ventilated.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Commercial spaces like offices are especially vulnerable to buildup of airborne chemicals like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These substances are typically produced by photocopy machines, printed materials, cleaning supplies, carpeting and similar materials.

A typical HVAC system’s air filter doesn’t trap VOC molecules. These have to be removed from the building through a proper ventilation system. It ensures clean indoor air and a balance between fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air in every part of your commercial space.

Prevent Respiratory Problems

Air contaminants like VOCs and mold spores are one of the leading causes of respiratory issues. Ensure proper air flow for all the people working in your office. This increases productivity and protects the health of your employees and staff, ultimately saving you sick day-costs.

Prevent Building Damage

Proper ventilation inside a building also helps to protect your property. Spaces like restrooms and break room sinks can accumulate humidity quickly. Without adequate air flow, this built up moisture content encourages growth of mold.

Mold produces spores that are known to irritate the lungs. Not only that, the problem eats away at the wood structures inside your office. It also affects carpeting and drywall in your building.

Reduce Energy Costs

Healthy humidity levels can also cut energy costs. High humidity levels not only leave you feeling chilly during the cold months but also keep you sweating in summer.

Correct humidity levels keep the heat low and the AC temperature higher. You won’t need to hear complaints from employees or customers about poor heating and cooling systems.

A balanced ventilation system is important for proper airflow. These systems use exhaust fans to remove pollutant buildup. It also supplies fresh air in spaces regularly occupied by customers.

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