Things to Keep in Mind When Restarting Electronics after a Power Outage in Florida

Millions of people in Florida have suffered from power outages due to hurricanes, storms, and heavy rains in previous years. And with hurricane and tropical cyclone season approaching, residents should expect unscheduled power outages and power cuts in the coming days.

In such situations, protecting electronics from sudden spikes or decreases in voltage levels is essential. Computers, refrigerators, HVAC units, and all other high energy consumption equipment are at increased risk of malfunctioning if handled without caution when power levels are restored to normal.

Keep in mind the following information during power outage season.

Brownouts vs. Blackouts

A brownout results from a sudden drop in the voltage, causing appliances to work on low capacity. During brownouts, the power supply is almost always irregular and the fluctuations can damage electrical systems, as well as the electronics in the house.

Unplug all the devices during brownouts until power is restored to its full capacity.

A blackout, on the other hand, is a complete loss of power, resulting in the interruption of all and any device that’s hooked to an electrical circuit.

Voltage Surge

After a blackout is over, wiring and circuitry experience a sudden rush of electricity. This can cause more current flowing through the wiring than its able to handle.

Make sure to unplug all appliances during the outage. Once the power is back on, reset the circuit breaker before powering anything on. Once the electricity has stabilized, it’s safe to plug everything back in.

If your area is likely to suffer from repeated and multiple power cuts, install power strips and voltage stabilizers that are able to suppress sudden surges. Investing in suppressors for expensive appliances will save you from repair costs.

For HVAC units, reset the thermostat and restart the whole system by following the specific instruction that are available in the owner’s manual. Instructions may vary depending on the model, brand, type and functionality of every unit.

If your AC and heating unit is not working even after a circuit breaker and system reset, it’s time to call in the professional. An HVAC repair and maintenance service can fix minimal issues within minutes. If the damage is extensive, the technician will recommend the replacement of the damaged parts.

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