Top Tips for Central Air Conditioner Cleaning

With summer in full swing and the scorching sun bearing down upon us in earnest, air conditioning is truly a godsend! Keeping us cool all day long from the stifling heat, air conditioning units are a must-have in the long summer months.

But what if one day, your central AC unit sputters and stops working all of a sudden? We know how unbearable that thought is; which is why we’re telling you that preventative maintenance is essential!

Keeping your air conditioning system clean will ensure it runs smoothly and gives you less trouble. It is especially important to maintain upkeep in the summer when the unit is working double time.

Here are a few cleaning tips to help you out.

Tip#1: Clean or Replace the Air Filters

Taking care of the air filter is one of the most important AC maintenance tips. If the AC filter is permeated with dust and debris, the air will be affected and the unit will have to work harder than it has to, damaging its system in the process. Most AC units have a reusable or replaceable air filter placed inside. Replaceable filters should be replaced twice a year for optimal functioning while reusable filters can be taken and cleaned with soapy water or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to keep the filters cleaned especially during high-use seasons.

Tip#2: Clean the Condenser Unit

The outdoor condenser unit should also be cleaned and maintained regularly for efficient functioning. Before you start the cleaning process, remember to put safety first and shut off power to the unit from the main panel. If the condenser unit has a buildup of dust and debris, you can use a garden hose with a low pressure spray to gently clean off the dirt.

Tip#3: Clean the Fan Blades

Another important component to keep neat and clean is the blower’s fan blades. If there is any blockage or debris accumulation on the fan blades, it’s going to make noises and work throw out air slowly. You can clean them by simply wiping off the dirt with a rag and using a vacuum to clean out any debris at the bottom.

Tip#4: Trim or Remove Any Weeds

If there are any weeds or foliage growing haywire near your AC unit, chances are they can restrict necessary airflow through outer unit. That can affect the unit’s health and cause it to heat up. Make sure you regularly trim or remove any wayward weeds and bushes.

Professional Cleaning is a Must!

While doing small maintenance tasks on your own can keep your AC unit functioning well, annual professional air conditioning services can make a world of difference.

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