What to Expect from an Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners or cooling systems are essential to survive the scorching heat of Florida. Not only do they maintain a moderate temperature indoors, but they’re also considered as permanent capital improvements, thus, increasing your property’s value.


Since an air conditioner is a critical investment, one should invest in high-quality AC installation services to prevent sudden breakdowns or frequent repairs.


However, apart from adequate AC installation, regular air conditioning service or maintenance is crucial to assure its efficiency. Here’s a guide that’ll explain what air conditioning services you can avail.


Cleanse Drainpipes, Air Filters, and Condensation Pipes

Besides maintaining a cool temperature, an air conditioner also dehumidifies and enhances the air quality inside the room.


The core function of an AC is to run a liquid refrigerant inside an evaporator coil and transform it into gas. The gas is then sent back as cool air.


Since an evaporator coil performs the main function in producing cold air, its importance can’t be ignored. The coil is made up of copper, so the condensation is inclined on its exterior, which later drips into the condensation pipe.


If you don’t clean the air filter inside the AC, dust particles and built-up debris will pass through the condensation pan and drainpipes and cause them to clog.


Clogged pipes will result in flooding, especially if the AC is left open for days. Cleaning air filters is an easy take, but if forgotten, it’ll cost you extensive repairs.


Routine Inspection and Checkup of AC Coolant Level

After taking care of the main parts inside the AC, an expert technician performs a thorough inspection of the entire air conditioner unit.


The critical components that require routine inspection are the thermostat, fan, evaporator unit, condenser, and compressor. If all goes well, your AC will work efficiently.


Besides this, the coolant level in your AC is also a critical component to ensure efficiency. If the coolant level is low, it’ll result in a frozen evaporator coil.


If you feel that the flow of cool air is reduced, connect with a professional technician because air conditioning services not only save time, but they also reduce extensive AC repair and replacement costs.

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