4 Most Common Causes of Air Conditioner Compressor Failure

An air compressor is a vital part of an air conditioning unit responsible for thoroughly passing the refrigerant gases via air ducts. They’re highly durable and last for about 15–20 years before needing replacement.


However, the AC needs regular maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the compressor. Just as we need air conditioners to cool down our homes during summer, the air conditioner also needs a compressor to perform its job efficiently.


Here are the four common causes for an air conditioner compressor failure.


1. Dirty Condenser Coils

An air conditioner condenser coils are responsible for drawing in heat from your indoor facility and cooling it down with the help of refrigerants. Often, they suck dirt and debris along with warm air that gets accumulated on the condenser coils.


This slows down the efficiency of the coils, and they increase their energy consumption to perform their function at the specified thermostat level. Thus, when the system bears extra strain, the compressor overheats and fails.


Regular cleaning of the air filters can prevent the condenser coils from malfunctioning.


2. Potential Refrigerant Leakages

Refrigerants in an air conditioning unit contain a gas, Freon, which cools down the warm air. The air ducts are sealed, and the level of refrigerants should sustain to allow the air conditioner to function well.


Sometimes, the air ducts develop cracks and stretches that allow the refrigerants to leak. Thus, when refrigerant levels don’t remain constant, the air conditioning unit overheats and causes air compressor failure.


3. Electrical Issues

None of the electrical systems is perfect. The same holds for the circuit and wiring of an air conditioning unit. Circuit boards are susceptible to build oxidation and acid residue on them, causing wire deterioration and subsequent power failure.


This happens without indicating any warning signs, preventing the power from reaching your AC compressor. Therefore, if your air conditioning unit suddenly shuts down, electrical issues are to blame.

Unless you’re an expert electrician, you shouldn’t intervene in electrical problems. Call professional AC technicians who will replace the affected wires and circuit board quickly!


4. Debris and Grime Infiltration on the Outdoor Unit

Houses that have a centrally air-conditioned system have their compressors installed on the roof or outside. Thus, the air compressors are susceptible to infiltration by external contaminants, like debris, grime, bird droppings, leaves, etc.


If any of these elements penetrate inside the air compressor, it causes compressor malfunction and sometimes, failure!


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