4 Things that Happen When You Ignore Your AC’s Maintenance

Living in Florida without an AC is a less than ideal situation, to say the least. But it’s not just Florida that is dependent on air conditioning. Nearly 90 percent of households across the United States have at least one air conditioning unit installed. A major chunk of the population, however, remains clueless about regular maintenance of their AC unit.


A number of things can go wrong with your unit in the absence of proper care. So if you don’t know anything about AC upkeep, making an appointment with a professional repair and maintenance service is your best bet.

Here are some things that can go wrong if you don’t.

Energy Consumption

If your AC fan is jammed because of dirt and grime, it will use up more energy, making the unit less energy efficient and resulting in a spike in your electricity bill.

Regular AC maintenance can save 15 percent in costs each month—especially during peak summer season.

Repair Costs

Air filters need to be changed regularly. Paper filters are especially prone to accumulating excessive amounts of grime, after which they can start malfunctioning. The resulting repair costs can exceed the regular cost of an AC unit’s maintenance, not to mention that the AC will lose some of its cooling capabilities.

Lowered Lifespan

Multiple repairs and replacements of malfunctioning parts can seriously shorten the lifespan of your AC unit. Apart from the filter, the duct can impact other mechanical parts negatively. The more you ignore the problem, the worse it’ll get, and your unit will give out well before its time.

Allergen and Mold Buildup

Unless you have a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) or a high energy particulate air filter, pollen, dust, and spores in the air won’t get filtered out. HEPAs have the ability to catch tiny dust mites with close to 99% efficiency.

Since air purifying filters aren’t a part of a standard unit, the average AC won’t filter out air, resulting in the allergens and mold buildup on both the filter and around the unit.

Florida’s humid air provides the perfect breeding ground for moisture contamination, resulting in poor air quality and serious health deterioration.

Keeping your AC functional and spruced is critical to making your summers cool. At Florida Breeze, we provide AC repair services in Cape Canaveral, Palm Bay, Melbourne Beach and rest of Brevard County cities.

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