5 Signs Your AC is Beyond Repair

Is your air conditioner giving you a hard time not running smoothly? Have you been getting Air conditioning repairs again and again? Has it been a long time since you first bought that AC? If the answers to these questions are affirmative, then there’s a high chance you have been using your air conditioner beyond its capability.


Here are some common signs you need to consider replacing your air conditioning system:


1. Frequent Repairs

Every air conditioner requires to be inspected and serviced from time to time. Proper maintenance improves overall efficacy and increases the life span of your unit. However, if your AC is repaired every time it needs maintenance, your AC is probably taking its last breaths. Instead of opting for costly repairs, again and again, we’d suggest you install a new one altogether.


2. AC Blows Warm Air

Every air conditioner has one specific job to do, and that is to keep you cool and comfortable. During the hot summers, after you come home from work, all you require is to rest peacefully in the cool breeze from your AC. However, if it blows out warm air instead, we understand how frustrating that can be. When your AC blows warm air, get it inspected because it’s probably time to replace it.


3. Loud Noises inside the AC

If you hear scraping, squealing, and grinding noises coming from your AC, it is likely that the belt inside has moved out of place. Contact our professional technicians to avoid damaging other parts of your AC too. Noises inside the AC mean it’s losing its efficiency.


4. Your AC Is Too Old.

Even though there is nothing wrong with having an old AC, if you have been using your air conditioner for more than ten years now, you should get it replaced without having it serviced once. An average air conditioner is built to work for at least 20 years, given it has been well-maintained.


5. Malfunctioning Thermostat

If you have been experiencing problems with your AC running smoothly, it is probably because your AC is at the end of its life span. An AC that shuts itself automatically and has trouble responding to the thermostat needs to be replaced.


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