5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

Instead of suffering in the scorching heat of Florida, make sure you’re consistent with the maintenance and repair services of your air conditioner.


The sudden breakdown of an HVAC unit can turn into a nightmare for homeowners. Your last resort would be opening all the windows or buying a new unit, which of course will be expensive.


It’s better to invest in timely repairs instead of facing extreme consequences. Here’s a list of alarming signs that indicate immediate air conditioning repair.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters prevent dust particles and debris from entering the air conditioner. Regular replacement of air filters can prevent this problem. Clogged filters restrict the flow of cool air, leaving the temperature warm.


If you have pets at home, then you must change the air filters after every month or two. Homeowners without pets need to change it twice a year.


Duct Leaks

The ducts in the HVAC units are responsible for transporting cool air to every corner of the house. Any leaks in the duct will allow the air inside to escape. This will put extra pressure on the cooling system and increase energy bills.


Duct leaks decrease the pressure inside the ducts and increase the temperature of the house, making it unbearably warm.


Reach out to air conditioning repair technicians because duct leaks require a professional inspection. It’s important for the leaks tooo be sealed seal with a durable material like mastic sealant or metal tape.

Frozen Coil

Built-up debris clogs the air filters, which results in a frozen AC coil. An HVAC unit comprises condensate lines that pull out the moisture from the atmosphere and lower down the humidity level.

However, if the condensate line is blocked, it doesn’t allow the moisture to travel through the floor drain. Keep in mind to switch the AC off in case of a frozen coil, otherwise, it’ll cause major damage to the cooling system.


Getting air conditioning repair services can be challenging. However, our expert technicians at Florida Breeze have been offering reliable air conditioning services to clients across Florida for many years. We provide air conditioning repair, regular maintenance procedures, and air conditioner installation services in Palm Bay, Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island, and surrounding areas. Call (321) 951-8767 to schedule an appointment.

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