5 Spring/Summer Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

Spring is here and the temperatures are steadily increasing in Florida, which means your air conditioning system will be running continuously, especially with the current lockdown in major cities and towns. Families have been advised to stay indoors at all times.


To ensure that your air conditioning works smoothly during this difficult time, here are a few spring and summer maintenance tips for the HVAC system:


Check refrigerant level

The air conditioner installed in your home won’t run efficiently is there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system. Running the system on low refrigerant levels only adds strain on the system which leads to your air conditioner wearing out sooner than expected. Breakdowns will also be more frequent, the costs of which will add up.


Replace air filters

Air filters are an essential part of an HVAC system. They prevent dust and other particles from entering sensitive parts of the HVAC system and prevent allergens and dust from negatively impacting indoor air quality. The air filters on an HVAC system, therefore, clog up fast and must be changed regularly.

Homes with pets must change their air filters more regularly than others. Smaller households without any pets can do with an air filter change every 6 months.


Clean the coils

Before you turn your air-conditioning system on this season, make sure the evaporator coils and condenser coils are cleaned. You have to be especially careful of this when you have an outdoor unit and it wasn’t covered through the winter. Dirt and dust builds up around the coils, preventing the system from providing optimum airflow.


Ensure all the leaves and debris around the outdoor unit is removed before turning on the system.


Inspect and clean the ducts

The HVAC ductwork is where all the dust and allergens settle. This clogs up the system, rendering it inefficient. The system works in overdrive to provide the necessary cooling. Additionally, the dust and allergens are released into the home, affecting the indoor air quality which leads to respiratory issues.  


Have your HVAC system tuned up

Regular maintenance services by HVAC technicians ensures your system is working efficiently. You can lower your cooling costs with a tune-up. An HVAC tune-up detects any problems in the system early on, before a full-blown breakdown. This prevents the need for expensive repairs as well. A tune-up during spring ensures your system works well during the summer months, when you need it the most.


Schedule a maintenance appointment with our AC repair services in Cape Canaveral to prevent any inconvenience of an HVAC system breakdown. We also provide air conditioner installation. Call (321) 951-8767 too book an appointment with us.

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