5 Tips to Reduce Your HVAC Bill This Summer

As you fight to keep your home fresh amidst the rising temperature, your power bills can also significantly increase. As much as you enjoy the indoor comfort provided by your air conditioner, your energy consumption can increase your frustration.


With the following tricks and techniques, you can keep your power bills in check and conserve energy:


Seal all air leaks

The tiny cracks in your ductwork, poorly sealed windows, or inefficient insulation in your attic can lead to air leaks at your home. When the cold air inside your home travels outside, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to improve indoor comfort. This leads to a massive increase in energy consumption at your home.


Make sure that your old windows have been replaced with energy-efficient windows, and the cracks and leaks in the ductworks have been repaired. Ensure that your attic insulation has also been thoroughly inspected before running your air conditioner this summer.


Install a programmable thermostat

If your air conditioner runs around the clock, it may end up using more energy than you intended for it to utilize. A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule your air conditioning unit to run only when you’re at home.


They can also adjust the temperature when you’re asleep and cut down energy usage. You can purchase a thermostat that automatically adapts to your temperature or invest in one that you can control to your liking.


Replace your HVAC filters

The purpose of the HVAC system’s air filters is to block dust particles, allergens, pollens, and other contaminants from entering your space. If you don’t replace these filters for a long time, your air conditioner’s efficiency can decrease, leading to increased power consumption.


Hence, get your air filters replaced every month during the summer to improve your HVAC unit’s functioning.


Install solar panels

Solar panels are modern-day energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for power consumption issues. As they use sunlight to create power, installing solar panels on your roof can significantly lower your energy bills.


Get your air conditioner serviced

A faulty air conditioner can consume increased amounts of energy and lead to a spike in your power bills. Ensure that your air conditioning is working efficiently by getting it inspected by Florida Breeze.


Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians offers quick and safe fixes for all your air conditioner problems, including dirty air filters, leaking refrigerant, clogged condensation lines, and malfunctioning outdoor unit.


We offer our air conditioner repair and maintenance services across Melbourne, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Brevard County.

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