6 Ways You Can Save On Your Energy Bills

Does a big chunk of your earnings go into paying energy bills? And are you sure not how to minimize the energy usage at home?


With an increase in the use of technology, utility bills can sky-rocket, leaving you clueless. But we’re here to your rescue—we’ve thought of ways that you can save your dollars. Here are some of them:


Invest in an Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter air conditioners are indeed a game-changer. Yes, they do cost a bit more than regular air conditioners, but it’s all justified in the long run. Inverter ACs are energy-efficient appliances that can minimize power consumption on a minute basis. You won’t just be saving money on your bills but also playing your part in conserving the environment. So that’s a win-win situation.


Lower the Thermostat at Nights

Reducing the temperature by 10 degrees at night can help reduce your energy consumption. You minimize the heat loss by dialing down the thermostat, which saves at least 10% energy.


Similarly, during summer, you can dial up the readings of the thermostat. A higher temperature at your home will slow down the heat flow into your house.


It’s all about the science we learned in grade 8, eh?


Insulate Your Home

That’s quite important. A good insulation system can keep your home warm during the winter months and cool during the summer. It traps the air and lowers the pressure on the air conditioner or heaters.

Make sure that you enhance the insulation system of your basement, walls, and attic. You can also install energy-efficient windows that have a double-pane.


Fix the Cracks

Small holes in the ceilings, attic, or windows can increase the air leaks into your home. Thus, by weatherizing your home and fixing the cracks in the attic, you can prevent the hot air from flowing in.

You can also try weather stripping or caulking to seal the leaks.


Switch to HVAC Appliances

The HVAC system includes heating, cooling, and ventilation appliances. The energy-efficient ventilation system has ducts that distribute the air throughout the home. It can surprisingly reduce the energy expenses by 20%.


Maintenance is the Key!

If you want your appliances to use energy efficiently, then don’t forget to get a professional maintenance check done every once in a while.

Air conditioners or any other appliance that has debris in it may not work up to its full potential, increasing your utility bill. A regular maintenance check can save your dollars!


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