A Guide to Florida Weather

Summers throughout Florida are quite long, with a perfect balance of warmth and humidity; and thunder showers are considered a norm. Winters in Florida are often mild with occasional cool breezes and rare instances of snowfall. The coastal areas of Florida face somewhat warmer temperatures during winter and colder temperatures during summer.

Average Temperature

Summers in Florida are usually hot, but regular showers lower the temperature by a couple of degrees. Thunder showers occur almost half the summer days, on average. These thunder showers help in dropping the temperature down by 10 or 20 degrees.

July is considered the hottest of all months in Florida, as the temperatures averages around 82 degrees; whereas, January is considered the coldest with an average temperature of 60 degrees.

Average Rainfalls

Florida’s rainfall varies across different locations. The northwestern and southeastern counties of Florida experience the highest rainfalls annually. With some localities receiving more than one hundred inches to less than forty inches of rainfall in the calendar year.

Early Spring/late winter and summer times are considered the wet periods, whereas, end of fall is relatively dry. Coastal areas of Lee County and Florida Keys receive the lowest amount of rainfall.

Thunder showers and Tornadoes

Florida is often regarded as the thundershowers capital of the US, mainly due to its lightning belt. This “lightning belt” refers to the land between Tampa and Orlando toward the south alongside the western coast of Fort Myers and near the eastern coast of Lake Okeechobee.

These thundershowers are credited to the wet and hot air near ground level mixed with an uneven atmosphere. Thundershowers often occur during the afternoons, mainly during the months of June all through September. The showers can last for a few hours or even a few minutes.

In Florida, summer is considered the peak period for tornadoes. Even though tornadoes are typically considered deadlier than hurricanes, luckily, most of the tornadoes in Florida are just weak waterspout storms. The severe tornadoes take place during spring.

Invest on an Air Conditioner in Florida

Air conditioners do more than just beat the heat in Florida; they also help maintain the internal environment of your home.

Regardless of how tidy your house is, without proper air conditioners for removing the heat and humidity, you might experience mold and mildew in various places inside your house, for example, behind the walls, inside your air ducts etc.

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