Air Balancing: 4 Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Home

Optimum temperature regulation is essential for you to be comfortable at home. However, in certain circumstances, hot and cold spots tend to develop in a home. Ignoring this issue will only lead to you paying more in electricity costs, which is already the largest proportion of your monthly utility bills. It will also reduce the life span of your HVAC system, making air balancing an important task.


What is air balancing?

Air balancing is the process of modifying the existing HVAC system to ensure cool air is distributed evenly throughout the home. Air balancing removes and hot and cold spots around the home so that all components of your HVAC system are working in harmony.

Here are some ways to balance the air in your home:


Adjust the settings on a ceiling fan

The direction your ceiling fan operates in has a massive impact on how temperature is regulated around your home. Celling fans should go counterclockwise during summer since it blows cool air down and during winter months, use your ceiling fan on a low setting in the other direction to circulate warm air.


Open or close the register

Even though this is a very easy remedy, it’s really effective. If an area is getting too cold, you can move the damper blade and it will restrict air flow in a room. Make sure you’re not completely closing the vents as that will cause HVAC problems in the future.


If parts of your home is getting too warm, open the registers on the upper floor and partially close the ones on the lower floor as well as the basement.


Check the filters

Air filters around your home protect the HVAC system by keeping contaminants out. These air filters tend to get clogged with dust, debris, allergens, pets hair, etc. clogged air filters obstructs the air flow from your HVAC system. Air filters therefore have to be regularly changed so that your air conditioning can work optimally.


Using clogged air filters reduces the life of your HVAC system as it has to work harder to cool your home. This also means an increase in utilities.


Install window coverings


The windows installed in your home play an important part in how your indoor cooling works. Bare windows, i.e. windows without drapes, shades, or blinds, tend to make a room warmer than those with these coverings. Have window coverings installed to improve the energy efficiency of your home.


Think about it this way,76% of sunlight that falls on doubled glazed windows becomes heat. A window covering or more energy efficient windows will prevent cooling loss inside your home.   


If your home’s air conditioning isn’t working well, despite these remedies, you need to have a professional AC technician come around. Our experts at Florida Breeze provide AC repair services in West Melbourne. Call (321) 951-8767 to schedule an appointment.

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