Choosing The Best Heating System For A Commercial Space

Whether you have an office, retail store, or any other commercial space, it’s important to maintain the indoor temperature to make it appealing and comfortable for visitors and employees. It’s as simple as this- if a commercial environment is too cold on a winter night, productivity levels will fall dramatically and customers won’t think twice before driving to one of your competitors to make their purchases.


Here are some things to consider when choosing a heating system:


System efficiency

Efficient heating systems are able to best utilize energy. Such units are also environmentally friendly and save your business a great deal in energy costs. Always look for ENERGY STAR Rated products.


Size of the heating system

A common issue in commercial spaces is that the heating system installed isn’t big enough for the space. As a result, the area isn’t as comfortable as you would like. It also means the system has to work harder to blow out warm air to reach all areas of the building. Get a heating system that’s large enough to heat the entire building- this will also help you avoid cold spots.



Always consider the lifespan of the system you’re considering. The longer the lifespan of the heating system the better. Keep in mind maintenance needs of the system as well. If you don’t keep up with the required maintenance, the system won’t last as long. A better quality system might cost more, but it will also be more reliable.


Your heating load

The heating load of a business is essentially the measure of heat required to fill the commercial structure. An HVAC professional will be able to help you figure out the heating load and recommend the best system for your needs.


The kind of business you operate

The heating needs of every business are different. Keep in mind your particular business when searching for an appropriate heating system. Is your goal to keep employees and visitors comfortable? Or are you looking for temperature control for a data center or chemical plant. The latter requires the most accurate temperature control and stability.


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