Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems Business Owners Face

Air conditioning is an important part of your commercial premises. It makes the area comfortable during warm summers. However, when something goes wrong in the commercial HVAC system, it’s inconvenient, leads to lower productivity, and can drive customers away too. To prevent air conditioner issues from arising, it’s essential for business owners to be aware of the common commercial air conditioning issues that arise:


Uneven temperatures

The air conditioning system in a commercial property has a lot of ground to cover. Some areas of the building may be warmer or colder than the rest. This usually occurs when the air isn’t balanced correctly. Additional vents and thermostats can help balance out the temperatures throughout the building.


The premises is too hot or cold

Does your commercial premises seem warmer than the temperature stated on the thermostat? Do you have to switch the air conditioner on and off frequently to get it to your desired temperature? The system is most likely working inefficiently. Its maintenance services have been long overdue. The system might also be too small for the size of your premises.


Strange noises coming from the air conditioner

A noisy air conditioner is both distracting and a sign of some serious issue. Turn off the unit and call up an air conditioning service to inspect it and figure out the problem. Our experts are quick to determine the cause of the issue and begin repairs immediately.


Water leaking from the vents

There are a number of reasons the air conditioner could be leaking, ranging from clogged drainpipes to dirty air filters. Regardless of which area of the air conditioner is causing an issue, water leaking from the air conditioner is generally a sign that it’s overworked. This tends to happen most commonly in the summer when you crank up the ac to cool down your premises. When there’s water leaking from the vents, immediately shut off the air conditioning system and call up our team.


Thermostat troubles

Thermostats are responsible for regulating the temperature in a building. Thermostats for larger establishments are more complex to figure out, and sometimes issues can arise. Since a thermostat can only measure the temperature in the area it’s present, it may not be able to maintain an even temperature in the building.


Programmable thermostats allow you to regulate the temperatures in various parts of the building to maintain an even temperature. Areas near the doors and windows might get warmer than other parts of the building, so programmable thermostats are better in large commercial buildings.


Having a reliable commercial air conditioning service on speed dial is an added measure that will help you when you face issues with the system. Our technicians will be at your business premises in Melbourne, Florida, as soon as possible to fix the issue. We provide air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation services. Schedule our services today!

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