Cooling System Options for Your Commercial Building

Did you know that air conditioning costs make up the largest expense in a commercial space? However, it varies with the temperature of your geographical area—countries with high temperatures have high cooling expenses.


Although a new air conditioner works well, the features and benefits of each air conditioner vary with its type. Here’s a list of the cooling systems that’d make an ideal choice for your commercial setting.

Rooftop Units

These are ideal for small commercial buildings. Rooftop units or RTU are self-sufficient HVAC units. Although these cooling systems are self-reliant, they’re interconnected with the ducts of the building to offer the inflow of the required hot or cool air in a specified area of the commercial building.


RTU is commonly installed on flat-roof buildings and is known to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ductless AC

Small business owners often choose this mini-split system for their commercial spaces, such as one-story offices, cafes, and shops.


These ductless air conditioners are the most efficient choice for your small establishment as they fit right into the small floor space.


It offers one of the most convenient AC installation processes since it doesn’t require air ducts. In addition, it’s a cheaper alternative to other larger cooling systems.

Split System – Ducted

Although a ductless AC is convenient to install and affordable to operate, a ducted system is more energy-efficient.


Not only is it more efficient, it also enhances the ambiance of a commercial building, unlike ductless systems, which are installed in the wall.


It’s a cheaper alternative to the central HVAC system. Since it’s installed near the distribution point, it prevents build-up debris and leaks inside the duct.


VAV – Variable Air Volume System

It’s designed as a duct-supply-and-return system. The cooling temperature is set and maintained on the thermostat.


The upside of this cooling system is that the airflow can be adjusted according to the required heating or cooling temperature.


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