Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore!

our home’s furnace is an important appliance that keeps it warm and toasty when it’s cold outside. Winter is the worst time to have furnace malfunctions. Coming home to a noisy furnace after a hectic day will only worsen your mood.

Furnace noises are a way to warn homeowners that repair and maintenance is due. It’s never a good idea to troubleshoot a furnace since the problem could originate in the gas line. Here are some noises to keep a close ear on:

Loud Noises When Switched On

Just like a car engine misfires when it starts up, your furnace can too! Don’t shrug it off since it’s not normal for a gas furnace. These noises usually indicate that the burner doesn’t get hot enough and the excess gas “pops”.

Your unit can also make noises when switched off. The air ducts in your home expand and contract when temperature fluctuations happen. This too can cause a loud noise. Maintenance of the ducts can alleviate this or better equip the system to handle it.


The belt and bearings in your heating system can begin to rattle once the unit gets old. They require lubrication to work efficiently. If not lubricated, it could break and cause more damage. Call a reliable heating repair service to deal with such issues. Your home’s furnace will need to be cleaned and tuned-up before you can start using it again. This step is essential to check for any broken or failing components in the system.


The rattling of your furnace can happen for a couple of reasons. Loose debris within the unit can rattle when it’s switched on, a fan blade can be broken, it could be loose ductwork or a significant problem with the motor.


A clicking noise made by your furnace must be annoying. Don’t let this problem linger too long; it will only require more significant repairs. The clicking noise comes from the heat exchanger or motor. Furnace repairs for such a problem are required ASAP. If the technician finds no problem with the system, a tune-up is all you need. This stops the nuts, bolts, bearings and other components from clicking.


Any kind of whistling from your unit is a result of dislodged air intake. The air filter is probably clogged or has moved from its position slightly. The air flowing through the system creates a whistling sound.

If the vents are vibrating or whistling, it could be due to loose ductwork. It allows air to escape. You require an experienced technician to check the ductwork and seal any gaps in the system. You’ll also notice a more efficient system after these repairs.

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