Here’s Why Your AC Might Not Be Cooling Enough

The last thing you’d want to happen on a blazing hot Floridian summer day is your AC malfunctioning. The state is known for its harsh summer season, as reports suggest the various implications the heat can cause to people.


This makes it even important to ensure that your AC is always working fine and cooling enough. However, it doesn’t always happen.


An air conditioner can sometimes come across some problems that limit its functionality. Here are some key factors that contribute to the ineffectiveness of an air conditioner.


Dirty Air Filter

A clogged air filter blocks the smooth flow of air over the evaporator coils, which can cause them to freeze. If that happens, cool air won’t be able to make its way through the outlet.


The warm air that the AC pulls from your home won’t be cooled either, making it more likely that the AC will not be cooling enough.


You can quickly fix this problem yourself by cleaning out the dust from the air filters.


Leak in the Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a fluid that’s used in the refrigerator coils. Its function is to take the heat from the inside of your home to the compressor unit that’s outside. Without sufficient refrigerant or a leak, your AC might not be cooling at an adequate level.


You’ll need to call AC repair services for this matter.

Problems with the Compressor

A condenser is an essential part of an air conditioning unit, as it supports the refrigerant to function and keep it at an optimized and efficient level. If your compressor malfunctions, no amount of refrigerant can help your AC cool enough.


Thus, you must hire a professional air conditioning service to replace the compressor.


Fan Motor problems

You can detect a faulty motor in your AC in many ways. If you experience either of the following, it means that there’s something wrong with the AC motor:


· Slow fan rotation

· Fan not starting when the AC is switched on

· The fan doesn’t run at a stretch

· Noises when the fan is switched on


Fan motor issues stem from electrical-related problems and an old motor that’s reaching the end of its lifespan.


You should look to get a reliable air conditioning repair to deal with this kind of problem.


AC Size & Lifespan

Another reason might be that the size of your AC in comparison to the size of the room may just not be a good match. Your AC might not be capable of cooling a larger space, making it seem like there’s something wrong with it, but in reality, there actually might not.


An older AC may also be a reason behind the lack of cooling. It’s very common when ACs reach the end of their lifespan, so getting a new unit is the only solution.

Choosing the Best AC Installation and Repair Services in Palm Bay

Whether you’re looking to get your AC repaired or thinking of buying a new one, we at Florida Breeze have got you covered!


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