How To Prevent Your AC From Ductwork Damage: A Guide

Living in a hot and humid climate makes it crucial to have an air conditioner that works effectively and efficiently. So, if you have an HVAC unit in your home, you need to maintain its ductwork. 


Ductwork enables the distribution of cool air. AC installation services usually connect airducts in spaces that are out of sight, behind walls, beneath walls, or in the house’s attic. As a result, water leaks, improper construction, or other intrusions can significantly impact the ventilation system, damaging the ductwork. 


Improper ductwork or design can lead to up to a 60% loss in cooling efficiency, straining your wallet. Prevent your air conditioning system from aging any faster with these ductwork maintenance tips.


Regular Ductwork Cleaning

Dirty ducts are one of the many possible sources of dust particles and allergens in a house. That’s why you need to schedule regular duct cleaning to prevent contaminant accumulation in the system. 


Frequent ductwork cleaning is crucial for protecting your family’s health. The cleaning process includes a chemical biocide application that kills bacteria (germs) and fungi (mold) and prevents future biological growth. 


Notice Any Warning Signals

Noticing early warning signs can help you address issues faster. A few common symptoms of damaged or defecting ductwork are a frequently breaking down HVAC system and high energy bills. 


Other symptoms of a damaged AC ductwork system include obnoxious noises, toxic odors in the indoor air, low-quality air, and reduced cooling efficiency. 


Keep Your Pets Away

Pets are curious little creatures. Some can even head into residential ductwork during the summers to avoid the heat. Pet intrusion can cause severe ductwork damage and affect air conditioning performance by blocking the airflow. 


AC ductwork is also potentially hazardous for pets, especially if connected in compact spaces like an attic. Animals eventually die in the system if they stay there for an extended period. The unpleasant odor can also be detrimental for the indoor air quality.


It’s critical that you keep an eye on your pets. Use a barrier or a door to prevent them from reaching the ductwork. 


Schedule An Inspection

Ducts are highly prone to vermin infections. Insects and rodents clog the ductwork, leading to severe damage and unhygienic conditions.


The most effective method to prevent ductwork damage and reduced air conditioning quality is to schedule regular AC maintenance and inspections with a reliable AC repair service. A professional inspection will help you prevent many minor ductwork problems from becoming significant problems. 


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