Prepare Your AC Now for Hurricane Season

Spring may be in the air at the moment but everyone in Brevard and Indian River County knows that hurricane season is on the horizon. Last year’s season was incredibly active. Puerto Rico is still experiencing the effects of Irma after the devastating category 5 caused massive destruction. According to hurricane researchers at the University of Colorado, the 2018 season is shaping up to be an above average one with the potential for 14 tropical storms, 7 of which could be classified as hurricanes.

If you have lived along the Atlantic Ocean for any period of time, chances are you know what you need to do to protect your family from the potentially catastrophic effects of a coastal hurricane. But what about your home? How will your Palm Bay air conditioner stand up against pounding rain and howling wind? Is your Melbourne, FL AC up for the task? Florida Breeze Air and Heat has a vested interest in our community. Of course, we want to be your go-to AC repair and installation team, but more than this, we want you to stay safe this hurricane season.

June 1st is the official first day of hurricane season, and while it may feel like a lifetime away but it is quickly approaching. There are things you can do now to set yourself up for success. You can avoid a pre-storm rush by taking care of a few things now. First and foremost, have your cooling system checked out if you have not done so this year. Make sure your air conditioner is in working order and that you don’t need repairs. This will give you peace of mind before the storms come.

Once you know everything is in working order, clean up around the outside unit. Do this now to keep the area clear from debris and vegetation and you won’t be in a mad rush to move potentially deadly items when the winds begin to roar. While you are outside taking care of the yard, why not give your condenser a look over? Make sure the bolts are tight. As the season approaches, you can use hurricane straps for added support. If you live in an area that is known for flooding, you can always elevate your outside unit to protect it from standing water. These are all things you can do RIGHT NOW in anticipation of the season ahead. Work smarter not harder. You do this by taking care of the things you can at this moment so that you will not be strapped for time and energy when the rains come.

When the storm approaches, it is time to turn off the power to your AC. Power outages can cause big problems for your HVAC system so it is best to leave it off during dangerous weather. Once the storm has passed and you know it is safe to return home or go outside, inspect your outside unit for damage or standing water. If you notice that anything is off, please contact Florida Breeze Air and Heat.

It is never too early to begin prepping your house for hurricane season. You will build up a supply of fresh water, batteries, flashlights, canned goods, pet foods, medications, and more to keep your family safe. The same holds true for your cooling system. Prep now so you can be at peace later.

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