Repair or Replace: Here’s What Your AC Unit’s Condition is Telling You

If you’ve got an aging air conditioner, you’re probably considering replacing it rather than repairing it. However, an AC repair expert might be able to salvage your old air conditioner to restore its performance without you needing to invest in a new one. They can also help you gauge the extent of damage and tell you which is a more affordable option―replacement or repairs?


Besides getting a professional opinion, look for these signs to decide whether you should repair or replace your air conditioner.


1.Age Of The Unit

Similar to other home appliances, the age of your AC significantly impacts its efficiency. Consider this the next time you need to get a repair.


Consult with an air conditioning repair expert on whether repairs will be useful in the long term or if you should just replace your unit. If the repairs are cheap, you should go ahead with them. However, if there are major problems with the AC, you should consider purchasing a new HVAC unit.


2.Breakdown Frequency

If your AC breaks down frequently, it’s a sign that the unit is at the end of its life. If your AC keeps malfunctioning, replacing it with a modern, energy-efficient AC unit is probably best.


3.It Doesn’t Cool Your Home

Is your AC losing its efficiency? Or do you feel that it isn’t cooling your home as well as before? While your AC is bound to gradually lose effectiveness, a sudden drop in cooling indicates a problem that should be inspected by an expert AC technician. They’ll tell you if repairs are a good idea or if the damage is too extensive to fix and will continue causing problems.


4.High Energy Bills

Unexpectedly high energy bills are a common sign of an aging air conditioner. Old ACs need more energy to deliver proper cooling, leading to high energy use, and higher bills.


However, it’s possible that a professional can restore your air conditioner to its earlier condition without the need for a complete replacement. Call one in and see what they suggest.


5.Unusual Sounds And Odor

While technological advancements have made ACs less noisy, it’s probably alright if your AC sometimes makes grinding noises or smells funny. However, if the sound and smell are unfamiliar or intense, you need to call an AC technician ASAP to inspect you AC for repairs or replacements.


Ready For An Inspection?

If the Floridian heat has got your AC beaten down, get in touch with Florida Breeze to inspect your HVAC unit. Their experienced technicians will answer your queries and give you a satisfying repair or replacement experience.

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