The Ultimate HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Spring 2021

Did you know that your heating and cooling system can last up to 12-15 years, if not longer? This is true only if your system is adequately maintained throughout all the seasons. The best way is to hire a reliable and professional AC system service to come in and make sure your system’s running smoothly. 


HVAC maintenance is tedious work, but once get this task checked off your list, you’ll rest assured your system is all ready for the upcoming season, especially the Florida summers!


Here’s how you can ensure your system is going to run smoothly:


1) Check your Air Filters 

Checking your air filters can go a long way. Many homeowners overlook this step and later on find clogged air filters that result in further problems. By not replacing your air filters, you’re essentially putting more stress on your unit on keeping your home cool. 


Clogged air filters will also add to your utility bill if left clogged and unchecked. 


2) Check Your Ductwork 

Ductworks usually become dusty and clogged because of extensive usage. This prevents the air from traveling around the house, resulting in suffocation. This also means that your system is continuously running, resulting in an increased utility bill. 


In simple words, your system is being overused if your ductwork is clogged, thus damaging its lifespan. Good news is, prompt maintenance from professionals every two years will prevent leaks or blockages in your ductwork.


3) Update your Thermostat 

Programmable thermostats are sensory technology that can detect the temperature of the room and then work to moderate those levels. This saves your electricity bill a boatload, and it’s super easy to use. 


Alternatively, smart thermostats have the capability of knowing when you’re home and when your not. This is convenient, especially at times when you leave home with your HVAC unit on. A smart thermostat will turn off your HVAC system for you. This investment can save spikes in power bills and provide maximum comfort inside your home. 


So, if you’re in the market looking for air conditioner installation and repair or heating and cooling installation services, look no further than Melbourne’s Premiere AC Service, Florida Breeze.


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