Top 5 Air Conditioning Problems And How To Prevent Them

Statistics show that around 5.9 million air conditioning units were shipped in the U.S in 2020. Additionally, with ACs consuming 6% of the electricity produced in the U.S, its annual cost for all homeowners amounts to $29 billion.


Since AC units are already quite expensive, nobody needs the added cost of repairs and replacement that follow poor maintenance.


AC service centers in Palm Bay inform you about the problems that air conditioners can have and provide maintenance services to prevent them from happening.


Problems with AC units


1. Leaking refrigerant

The refrigerant in an AC unit is what keeps your home cool. Any fluctuation in the performance of the AC can be a sign that the refrigerant levels have decreased. This could be due to a leak in the system.


2. Compressor

Compressors carry the refrigerant through the system to produce cooling. Warm air from the AC unit and loud noises are signs that your compressor isn’t functioning correctly. This happens due to varying refrigerant levels; it could also happen due to a dirty condenser coil or electrical issues.


Keep an eye out for signs of compressor failure and call a professional to deal with the situation.


3. Air filter

Reduced cooling or irregular airflow is a sign that your air filter may be clogged. This component traps dust and other fine particles circulating inside your home.


It’s essential you clean this filter regularly to avoid the system overwork or wear out, causing It to break down. To improve efficiency, clean this filter once every month.


4. Drainage

AC unit drains can get clogged and cause water to back up out of the system, causing leaks. A clear sign of an ac drain clog is the increased humidity in your home; the drain can get clogged with dirt and dust if not properly maintained.


Call AC repair technicians in Palm Bay to get the drain line unclogged.


5. Electrical fault

It’s common to face electrical faults around your home. In an AC unit, overheating caused by the system will trip the circuit breaker causing the electricity to go out.


Another reason for system failure is corrosion in the wire and terminals of the compressor and fan due to overload caused by large systems.


Trained professionals should address these electrical issues through frequent checks and maintenance.


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