What Causes Heat Pump Leaks?

Heat pumps are magical appliances that can cool your home during warm summer days and provide heating during frosty winter nights. There are several components in a heat pump that work together to process the air inside your house.


Sometimes, one or more of these components may malfunction. This can happen to the most sophisticated of systems over time. Luckily, this problem does not raise immediate concerns, but like all other fixtures in the house, any issue that’s left unaddressed for too long will result in a more costly problem in the future.


So, schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment to assess which components are compromised.



Ever wonder why you don’t feel any moisture in the air while you’re inside? That’s because a central function of the heat pump is to expel the excess moisture. It does this with the help of a condensate pan and a drain.


However, a number of factors could come between the moisture and the drain. For instance, debris or mold clogging the unit or the condensate pan could be out of place. In most of these cases, leaks will be inevitable.



Cold evaporator coils need to be clean and in perfect working condition all the time. They collect the condensation in the air, so if they are covered with dust, they fail to function adequately, and this will cause water to leak inside the house.


Additionally, very high refrigerant levels can cause ice to buildup on the coils. This could make the system inefficient overall when it comes to cooling your house. And whenever you turn off the unit, the ice will melt and leak.


The coils should not be handled casually; call trained technicians from a local company to address the problem.


Condensate Pan

The humidity that collects on the coils moves toward a pan that’s located in the unit. This is often called an overflow pan. This pan is the second last stop for the moisture before moving through the drain and away from your unit.


This pan can easily corrode over time and crack. Naturally, a cracked pan cannot hold the moisture. The water will start leaking outside the unit through the cracks reducing the efficiency of your heat pump.


Leaks can damage the system and your house if left unattended for too long. If you have identified a problem, or suspect one, get in touch with us at Florida Breeze. We can also help you with AC installation and repair services if you’re located in Cape Canaveral. Call (321) 951-8767 to schedule a consultation.

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