What Makes My Air Conditioner Dirty And Clogged Up?

Most homes have their HVAC systems hidden out of sight and, therefore, get neglected when it comes to cleaning. As a homeowner, you need to know how important it is to have a clean air conditioner. Many harmful substances can be lurking around in the system that contribute to health problems, particularly respiratory issues.


Here are some of the contaminants that clog up your air conditioner’s filters:


Bacteria and viruses

Contaminants that are trapped by your air conditioner’s filters can be blown into your home when it isn’t replaced in time. When a home or entire building is served by a common HVAC system and ductwork, it can lead to the spread of harmful germs.


Bacteria and viruses can contaminate your air conditioning system, reducing the indoor air quality. This is particularly dangerous for immunocompromised individuals who are prone to getting sick easily. Even the coronavirus has been found in hospital ducts, but experts are yet to confirm if it can spread among people via air conditioning.



Most contaminants are aggravated by humidity. Humidity and moisture of any kind can result in the growth of mold and mildew. If your AC unit isn’t removing the moisture from the air, it creates the perfect environment for mildew to thrive. Milder can cause allergic reactions in some people, commonly in children and individuals with asthma. Certain types of mildew also give off dangerous toxins.



Outdoor air pollution can also contribute to problems with your air conditioning unit. An HVAC system designed to work in an urban area won’t work as well due to excess pollutants in the air that can get trapped in the air conditioner filters, clogging them up sooner than anticipated.


Poor ventilation is one of the primary causes of contaminated air indoors. If the vents don’t circulate and filter the air well, contaminants build up in the system in high concentrations.


Pet fur and dander

Furry pets are known to shed their coat constantly. If you’re a cat or dog owner, you probably have to deal with a lot of fur and dander. This also means you have to spend more time cleaning your home and vacuuming. Likewise, the air conditioner is also affected by pet fur and dander. The filters get clogged up sooner and require replacement.


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