Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

Winter is about to hit the thriving city of Florida. This means that it’s time for owners to take some steps in ensuring their Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems work optimally.

Here are 5 HVAC maintenance tips to ensure that you stay warm and cozy during the winter season!

Replace Air Filter

The furnace component in your system requires regular air filter checks. If the filters are too dirty, you may even have to get them replaced.

Not doing so will only drive up your energy bills needlessly. It’s better to replace the filter when the cooling season begins and repeat the process at the start of each month.

Check Thermostat

Before you set your thermostat for the winter months, ensure that it has fresh batteries. A cost-cutting tip is to set the thermostat at a cooler temperature during the night or while you’re away from home. Turn it back up when you come home from work.

This’ll help you save energy and minimize monthly heating bills. For this purpose, a programmable thermostat is best. It helps set your indoor temperature to the most efficient setting throughout the season.

Add Insulation

If you think that insulation isn’t part of the HVAC system, you’re wrong. Insulation is actually crucial in improving the overall efficiency of your home.

If your home has an attic, ensure that there is adequate insulation added there. Hire Florida Breeze’s friendly HVAC technicians to determine how much insulation your space requires.

Cover Outdoor AC Unit

If you’ve determined that you won’t be using your AC unit for the rest of the year, consider covering it. Use it again once you have need for an air conditioner. Purchase an inexpensive outdoor unit cover to prevent ice buildup or debris accumulation on the unit.

Vacuum Air Vents

Vacuuming air vents helps to prevent problems in indoor air quality as well as air vent blockages. It will also help to maintain a comfortable level of temperature in your home.

If you notice a significant amount of buildup in the air vents, consider booking professional air duct cleaning. This will remove the grime and grit that’s accumulated inside the ventilation system.

Schedule 24/7 Available Inspection

Florida Breeze has a team of highly qualified technicians that are available 24/7. It doesn’t matter which HVAC system-related issue you’re facing, we guarantee results in a short time!

Our repertoire of services includes ventilation, ventilation, Air conditioning service Melbourne Beach and Palm Bay and Heating repair in Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida.

If you’re in or around Melbourne Beach and Palm Bay, Florida hire our professional HVAC system repair or replacement services by emailing at or calling at (321) 951-8767.

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