3 Ways to Prevent A/C Leakage

Are you tired of your leaky air conditioner? All components of an air conditioner play a crucial role in ensuring its optimal functioning. Even slight damage in the refrigerant, condenser coil or compressor can lead to costly repairs. Get your air conditioner inspected by a professional A/C repair service to avoid these problems early on.

Here are more tips to ensure your A/C’s efficiency:


Air filters are attached to your air conditioner to prevent dirt and debris from entering your home. Dust accumulation can cause the evaporator coils to freeze and restric the pathway for the cool air to flow through.


Dirty coils, blocked vents and broken motor are the root causes of most air conditioner leakages. As the compressor requires warm air to transform it into cooler air, frozen pathways can also lead to various other problems.


Replacing the coils every six months will prevent damages and increase your air conditioner’s life. You can also clean them regularly to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris.


2.Inspect Your Drain Pans


Drain pans are located below your evaporator coil and collect the condensation produced by your air conditioner. They connected through a pipe that discharges all the water contained inside the pan. The drain pan or drain pipe can crack over time due to harsh weather and constant use.


Inspecting it can help you figure out where the leakage is from and get it repaired by a professional air conditioning repair service. They are experienced and know which drain pans to remove and fix.


3.Clean Your Drain Line


The drain lines inside your air conditioners can also get clogged due to mold formation, fungi or just dirt and debris. Cleaning it can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools and equipment handy.


Pouring down vinegar is a great DIY hack to get rid of all the microorganisms that have blocked the water flow. Then by using a wet-dry vac, you can remove all the dirt.


4.Hire A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service


Air conditioning repair services have the right amount of experience and knowledge to fix all kinds of faults in your air conditioner. They can use different tools and equipment skillfully to prevent further damage to other fixtures as well. Invest in air conditioner maintenance once every few months to blissfully sleep in your chilled room without worry and hassle.


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