Understanding the Basics of The HVAC System in Your Home

Are you wondering how an HVAC system works? HVAC regulates the temperature of your home as it stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This technology that is operated indoors gives you the right amount of warmth and humidity by using the fresh air from outside.

Here are some basic elements to understand the HVAC system in your home.


What Is The Purpose Of HVAC?

The HVAC system is designed to condition the air and improve indoor air quality. It can help eliminate dirt, debris or any kind of harmful elements from entering your house.


Heating System

The furnace is the main component in the heating system of your HVAC. It’s installed in the basement of your house to warm the air. Ductwork is installed around the house to transfer the heat from the basement to the other rooms.


Some furnaces are made to burn material to radiate heat, while others get boilers installed that heat the water and run the steam radiators. Furnaces usually need natural gas or propane to work while boilers need gas and oil to heat up.


Some people also opt for hydronic heating systems in which they install flexible tube-like pipes underground. These pipes are filled with heated water or a glycol solution, which warm the floors and your home quite efficiently.


Ventilator System

Ventilation is a process of replacing the air in your home to regulate temperature. Some people use mechanical ventilation using ducts and fans which are installed on your roof, walls or windows. This helps restrict condensation from occurring in your attic when it’s winter.


Air Conditioning System

Air conditioners can be installed by homeowners as a standalone unit without ducts or pipes to transfer the air. It includes an interior that releases the cool air and an exterior that draws in the air from the outside environment. The air conditioning system contains air filters which remove all the dust, debris and microorganism from the air to provide good quality air inside the house.


Some houses have a centrally air-conditioned system like the heating system. Every room can control its own temperatures, but they have sealed windows to restrict people from opening windows.


How Does It Work?

The main component that controls the HVAC system is a thermostat. It responds to the air temperatures by itself. You can use it yourself to set the temperature suitable for you or you can install a smart thermostat that has sensors and can automatically vary the temperature.


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