5 Tips to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Whether for a business or any household, an air-conditioning system has become a basic need for humankind. Not only does it help you stay cool during the summers, but it is also a source of comfort and wellbeing. While most of you might believe cleaning an AC is a complex task, it is a lot simpler than you think.


Cleaning an AC is essential to keep it working efficiently for a longer time. Over time, dust, grime, and dirt gather on the AC filters and should be cleaned properly after every one or two months. To avoid having repetitive air conditioning repairs, here are five tips you can consider to clean your AC units:


1. Vacuuming the Internal Parts

Using a vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean an AC unit. It will help you clean the internal parts and is sufficient for cleaning the surface. Vacuum the fans, pipes, evaporator coils, filters, and ducts for a thorough cleaning.


2. Changing the Filter

Changing or cleaning the AC filters is necessary for its maintenance. Filters purify the air for you to breathe. A dirty filter can develop mold or fungi over time, causing respiratory diseases. Filters should be cleaned once every fifteen days to ensure the longevity and efficacy of your unit.


3. Cleaning with Chemicals

If you haven’t cleaned your AC in a while, vacuuming won’t help. That’s because the debris accumulated inside your AC would be too difficult to remove through simple vacuuming. To clean toxic gunk and corrosive material out of your system, we suggest you try chemical cleaning. However, this process is rather tricky and would require you to dismantle each part and immerse them in a cleaning solution separately.


4. Using an Air Compressor

Air compressors can be used as an alternative to vacuum cleaners. They are easily accessible and clean your unit’s internal parts with precision.


5. Clearing the Drain

Clearing the drain is the easiest yet the most important thing to avoid mold growth in your air conditioning system. Clean the drain with a vacuum at least once a year to have your AC units running smoothly.


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