Important questions to ask Before hiring a HVAC Company

An HVAC system refreshes your house’s air and regulates the indoor temperature depending on the outside climate. Therefore, a house’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system should be functioning at all times. If it isn’t, hiring HVAC contractors to perform a repair job is unavoidable.


Poorly installed or repaired HVAC systems compromise energy efficiency and pose several health risks. Hence it is essential to research diligently before hiring HVAC contractors.


Here are some essential questions that you must ask before hiring an HVAC company.


What is Wrong with My Current HVAC System?

It is the first question that you should ask your chosen contractors. It will tell you about their expertise and knowledge on the subject. Before answering, a reliable HVAC contractor will ask you specific questions like the age of your HVAC system, the issues you are facing, and whether the parts are subjected to mechanical wear and tear.


Listen carefully to how they answer to determine whether they are trustworthy or not. A credible HVAC contractor will explain everything in detail and also guide you on troubleshooting tips.


Is the HVAC Company Licensed?

State authorities issue license to professional contractors to protect the consumer from scams and damages. Ask the HVAC company if they are licensed to install an HVAC system. A license also means that the company has certified and trained staff to do the job.


Trained technicians will expertly handle the installation process after a thorough assessment of your HVAC system. They will ensure minimum disturbance throughout the installation.


Does the Company Offer Workman Liability and Property Compensation Insurance?

Some unlicensed and uninsured HVAC companies offer to do the job at a low price. However, in many states, it’s illegal to hire such contractors.


In the case of unforeseeable hazards, they also do not provide workman liability and property compensation insurance. Therefore, the employees of the company and the property become your responsibility. In case of accidents, you will be legally responsible for workman compensation and covering your property damage.


Ask the HVAC company to provide details of their insurance policy to ensure its authenticity.


What Is Included and Excluded in The Quote?

Don’t shy away from asking this question. Reputable HVAC contractors will be upfront about their costs. Ask them whether they’ll replace the entire system or only the troubling parts. Keep all the details in writing so that everything is clear from the beginning.


Also, ask about the warranty period for the job. Almost all HVAC contractors offer a 5-year warranty on the equipment used.

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