How To Know its Time to Invest in a New Air Conditioner

Tired of having your AC fixed time and time again? Maybe it’s a sign you need to invest in a new air conditioner! Yes, this might be a bit daunting for your wallets, but surely be worth it in the future.

Oh, and a piece of good news – winters are just around the corner. The prices of air conditioners decrease around this time, so perhaps it’s an ideal time to get a new one for your room!


Here’s a guide to help you decide whether you should go for a repair or buy a new AC.


What’s the Lifespan of Your AC

Most air conditioners usually last for 10-15 years; if yours has exceeded this period, then you should seriously consider investing in a new one.


Does it Require Constant Tune-Ups?

Often, cleaning the air filters and outers can improve the airflow of your AC and enhance energy efficiency. 


Have you been constantly scheduling appointments for repairs? Is your AC is still not cooling the room despite constant cleaning up? Then you probably need to replace it.


Are Your Bills Going Through the Roof?

Have your utility bills almost doubled from last year? That’s another sign that you need to invest in a new air conditioner installation.


Air conditioners use about 6% of the electricity produced in the United States. With the latest technology, you can opt for inverter technology that’ll keep your bills in check!


Is Your Air Conditioner Too Noisy?

The coiling system or the motor can produce screeching noises. If you’ve called in professionals for a repair, but the compressor or blower fan of the AC is still strained and making noises, then you need to replace it overall.


Is there a Water Leakage?

Broken ducts can cause water leakage. The last thing you’d want is your wooden floor or expensive furniture to be ruined due to water dripping on it. 


It’s troublesome to deal with these problems in the long run. Thus it’s better to invest in a new AC.


Not Satisfied With Cooling Effects?

Does your AC only cool up the room during early hours or at night? Well, that’s a major sign right there. If it doesn’t cool properly during the hot daytime hours, then you should seriously consider replacing it.


Air conditioning accounts for 12% of energy usage at homes in the US. If you’re still not satisfied with your AC’s cooling efficiency, it’s time to replace it. That’ll be worth it in the long run!


An Extra Tip:

Do you want your AC to last for more than a decade? Don’t forget to get the maintenance services every once in a while! Your appliances last longer, only if you care for them! That will save you money by reducing electricity bills.


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