Financing Plans You Can Look Up Before Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

Florida is among the top four of America’s hottest states. That can surely make you reliant on an air conditioner for many months during the year to save yourself from the scorching heat.


But we do realize that investing in a new AC can be a burden on your budget. If you’re worried about the finances, we’ve prepared a guide to the financing options you can get to buy a new air conditioner.


Consult With Your Banks

You can approach your bank and discuss that you need to make a purchase. You can get various payment plans on your credit cards to finance the new air conditioner.


However, keep in mind that there is a chance the interest rate might be higher than what you expected.


Get a Personal Loan

You can receive upfront funding for a new air conditioner from a lending company. It’ll allow you a certain degree of flexibility to pay back your loans.


Look Up Home Equity Loans

You can look up these with your bank. Although it’ll make your financing easier, there are risks attached to taking a loan from a bank. You’ll have to pay a higher interest rate and make sure that you pay your loan before reselling the house. Moreover, there might be some added costs and hidden fee that you’ll have to cover.


Stress-Free Program by Florida Breeze – Your Saviour

With our stress-free financing program, you don’t need to worry about making a down payment. This scheme only requires you to make a monthly payment.


Florida Breeze has partnered with FPL home to create an affordable solution. The monthly charges cover the cost of maintenance, repair, air filters, and a smart thermostat.


You won’t have to worry about spending on your air conditioner’s maintenance or running around looking for a certified technician. With this program, you’ll have it all covered.


Tax Credits and Rebates

The government of the US offers tax credits on cooling and heating appliances. There are also federal grants for low-income households that you can look up to if you qualify for that criteria.


At Florida Breeze, we also provide AC installation, repair, and maintenance services. Your convenience is our priority, and we ensure it with our affordable and reliable services.


We provide AC installation and repair services in Melbourne, FL, Palm Bay, and all of Brevard County!


If you need more information about our financing program, contact us at (321) 951-8767!

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