Expert Tips On Keeping A Home Cool

Summer in Florida is known to be hot and humid. Homeowners rely on their HVAC systems during this time of the year in particular as the weather can become unbearable.


While an air conditioning system is the obvious choice to keep your home cool, it does result in higher utility bills. We asked some our experts for tips to keeping your home in Florida cool during summer:


Keep out the solar gain

Keep out as much direct sunlight as you can. The more rays you let into your home, the warmer it gets. Use thick curtains, blinds, and shades to reduce sunlight indoors. Even if your home is well insulated, the warm temperature outside and direct sunlight can affect the temperature indoors.


Run the air handler fan

In addition to keeping sunlight out of your home, run the air handler fan of your air conditioner unit on continuous mode. This reduces the temperature from increasing indoors while being more cost-effective than running the air conditioner. Make sure the temperature isn’t set too far from the set point.


Overcooling leads to higher electricity costs

Due to the warm temperatures you will be tempted to overcool your home to make it more comfortable, however, that takes a toll on your utility bills too. Increased electricity consumption negatively impacts the environment too.


Have your unit serviced regularly

To work as efficiently and effectively as possible, your air conditioner unit needs to be well-maintained. Have the filters changed, clean the outdoor unit, and have a professional inspect the system to ensure everything is working efficiently.


Indoor air circulation is a must

Optimum indoor air circulation is a great way to ensure the temperatures indoors are consistent and comfortable. By keeping the air moving in your home it will feel at least 2 to 3 degrees cooler than it really is. If you have ceiling fans in your home, utilize them during summer or you could get portable ones that are cheaper and don’t require installation.


Clean air filter

Air filters easily get clogged up with dirt and debris, especially if there are more people living at home or if you have pets. Have these filters changed on a regular basis so that they don’t inhibit the cool air blowing out of your air conditioner.



Spending time and money on insulating your home adds to its value whenever you want to sell it. The long term benefits of insulating your home is lower energy costs and a more environmentally friendly home. Ceiling insulation and insulated windows can really help during summer.


You can rely on us to keep your home cool this summer! Schedule a maintenance appointment with our air conditioning service in Melbourne, FL to prevent any HVAC system breakdown. We also provide air conditioner repairs and installation. Call (321) 951-8767 too book an appointment with us.

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