Indoor Plants That Grow In Air Conditioning

Indoor plants can really lift the ambience of any room. They add color, vibrance and can be a pivotal part of interior décor if used the right way. However, most homeowners don’t invest in plants for their homes because of the misconception that they won’t thrive in an air conditioned environment.


However, with a little care and some tips from our experts, your indoor plants can flourish in an air conditioned environment.


Low maintenance plants

No matter how great you are at maintaining plants in your garden, you can’t do the same indoors. Indoor plants should be low maintenance and are easy to care for. Such plants are most likely to survive and grow in air conditioned rooms.


Low maintenance plants are those that don’t grow too quickly and only require water once or twice a week once the soil has dried out. Misting the leaves on and off can revive their look too.


Location make a difference

Your indoor plants can have a favorite spot in the house too. Since every plant has its own specific needs when it comes to sunlight, make sure you’re carefully considering their position around your home. Silver snake plant, cast iron plant, lady palm, and devil’s ivy are some examples of plants that thrive in low light areas.


Once you place your indoor plants around your house, keep a check on how they are doing, if they are beginning to wither away you most probably need to move them to another location. Usually, keeping indoor plants together is known to help them grow.


Here are some indoor plants that ca grow in air conditioned environments:


Peace Lily

Want a tropical resort vibe indoors? Luckily the peace lily plant works perfectly indoors. Their large leaves and white blooms will take you back to your vacation. This plant can tolerate lower temperatures as well and required medium to low light.



Known for their variegated leaves, the Aglaonema is a stunning plant to have indoors. It’s colorful and eye-catching. This plant can be watered depending on when the leaves begin to droop.



Aloe vera is an easy to grow plant. It thrives in indoor conditions and has many health benefits. Keep a pot of aloe vera near a window and you can forget about it! It barely needs any water since it’s a desert plant.



This plant is ideal for those who want to make a statement. It’s a tall plant and takes up space so it’s better in homes instead of apartments. This plant will flower regularly with water once a week and medium light.


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